Points I Discovered About Nursing While Playing Chocolate Break

So you're on your separate and have half an hour to eat and relax. But no... Tiffi and Mr Toffee are calling you and saying, "Come here and perform around ".Do you know what I'm speaking about. The newest sport that's been  Candy Crush Saga on Facebook  sugar level your style buds. The Chocolate Break Saga.Now, have to wonder why they have to tag along the phrase "saga ".When I hear the phrase saga, it reminds me of visits like "The Thorn Birds", (remember Richard Chamberlain and Rachel Ward, this series, OMG the taboo behind the history, warm, warm, hot), and "Shogun", yet another legendary series with Richard Chamberlain.

These famous films had undoubtedly produced an impact to those who have watched and liked them. And I have to say, that the designers of The Chocolate Break Tale realized what they were doing when they were planning the game. For many who have got on the Chocolate Break prepare, don't you all agree this sport has completely produced an impact one of the ways or the other in your lives?

As funny and corny as it might sound. I have discovered a couple of things about nursing while enjoying Chocolate Break! Yes... absurd proper?! But for individuals who have already been following my website, you know that I usually decide to try to produce a connection with something to the next. Like joining the dots.

Talking of the, my husband makes fun of my "age places" on my cheeks and says it makes him desire to perform connect the dots on my face. And I'd claim, OK... see what words or designs you will get from it and see if you wish to do it again!

OK back to the saga. What type, Right? So listed here are the things I learned about nursing while enjoying Chocolate Crush."Life is similar to a field of chocolates. You never know very well what you're gonna get." - Forrest Gump

Each level of Chocolate Break, regardless of how hard it is maintains you coming back. Looking you to obtain to another stage and begin yet another torture. This really is therefore much like nursing. Do not you think? All of us know how demanding this job is but we always return for more. Exactly why is that? Do we really enjoy our careers, or are we just negotiating for the position quo?

We always claim, it is likely to be greater the very next day and sometimes it is and often it's worst. Similar to the levels in Chocolate Crush. We like to obtain to another stage to see if it provides people colder boosters or super challenging puzzles. And as more candy precipitates from the utmost effective your smartphone, you simply never know very well what it provides you.Choose Wisely

Boosters or maybe not, Chocolate Break has advised me to decide on accordingly. Each move you make has to be logically thought of. You always need to produce a move that provides you that striped candy to remove the whole line or the candy blast to get rid of most of the candy of the same color.

It's therefore much like nursing. You determine the in-patient and pick out the most effective nursing intervention to bring out probably the most desired outcome For some reason, it reminds me of inserting a 3 way foley cath and running a Murphy Drip. Cleaning out the kidney, get rid of clots, urinate at the same time. And the saga continues.


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