South Golden Seaside: A Little Bit of Heaven on Earth

This can be a unhappy time and a unhappy generation. While there is no world war, even though the technology to call home a comfortable life never been as advanced, while we can now reach one another in a click of a button; all the nice things we get can not appear to throw out the dark clouds that hold everywhere, obscuring the azure atmosphere, blocking the heat of our brilliant and faithful sun.

Stripped of their radiance, we walk on cold pavements each day, flaunting the calloused spirits that hold back our holes, wandering the Sterntaufe  roads hurriedly, like we knew where we ought to be going. The reality but is that people walk naked, pretending we are strong, numbing our spirits and killing our souls, only therefore we can get by, only so we'd be individuals our turned culture wants us to change into.

Wealthy and bad alike are dying within, the mankind of the souls being sucked away sometimes by the prerequisite of their survival or by their incomprehensible ambitions. Wherever then may we see that small bit of paradise, that small flare of trust that will hold people from tripping in the dark?

I need you to look more carefully, for it is there, streaking through the solid haze, creating its way through the darkness.

-Busy morning. You hurry down to perform unable to take a simple bite of breakfast. You appear at your office. You see what's along with your table. Coffee and croissant with a special notice from a beloved friend. You pause for a time, you enjoy the strong scent of java, and have a good sip. Little for a television professional, but enough to find the first look of sunshine of one's day. Only a little little bit of heaven.

-You got shattered at work. On the way home you went by way of a hell of a traffic jam. Then there at your doorway, your two-year previous kid opens up her hands and hugs you. You feel her little fingers waiting on hold unto you. She kisses you. Numerous little kisses that take away your entire tiredness and frustrations. A little little bit of heaven.

-A surprise has only passed. The city lay in ton and ruins. In minutes more, kiddies emerge from their houses. They proudly carry the paper ships they have only made. Number ton could reduce their tones, number storm could darken the gentle within their eyes. You hear their laughter. You receive contaminated making use of their joy. Only a little little bit of heaven.

-It's way past lunch. The young scavenger really has to search heaps of garbage before she can get anything to eat. Anything unexpectedly catches her eyes. A soiled doll with orange eyes, a red apron, and a missing leg. She laughs for her excellent fortune. She's just found something special on her behalf small sister's birthday! A little piece of heaven.

-Christmas. An old woman lives alone. The doorbell suddenly rings. The house is quickly flooded with young professionals displaying presents because of their old teacher. They may not forget her motherly hand. They stay glad for her wisdom. Only a little bit of heaven.

-A rebellious daughter. Someone and prayerful mother. A realization that delivers an enduring change. Repentance. Child graduates valedictorian in her class. Mother listens to her presentation, tears streaming down her cheeks. A little piece of heaven.

-A person stricken with AIDS and regarded an outcast. A vintage nun who reaches out, treats his injuries and sees him warmly, passing number reasoning, no concern, no condemnation. The person smiles and looks as much as heaven. He breathes his last, however in that last breath was a air of hope, and a renewed trust in God. Only a little piece of heaven.

Have you observed them? Maybe you have caught an individual little bit of happiness recently? May very well not be looking. Or you might not feel you can provide some small bit today. Look. Believe. Smile. A smile brings out plenty of sunbeams, and draws lines of happiness over the way. Find a piece today, your very own little bit of heaven.


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