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Thank you for your visit. Chances have you been have visited that feature of Life evaluation since you're sometimes curious, or are significantly looking at the likelihood of getting started with that Company. Either way, please note that evaluation was done by a specialist MLM frequent who is maybe not associated with this company. This truly is an alternative party report with one determination only, and that is to offer you the facts from my reviewed and to assist you progress in the best direction. Please read my conclusion for my final take on the Feature of Living review....

The company Fountain of Living (FOL), located in Texas TX, was established in 2006 by Founder and CEO, Level MacCloskey, because of his passionate quest to offer the entire world the absolute most powerful useful food combination accessible available on the market today. fountain of life price

As a result of the advanced level of passion for health and wellness exhibited by Level MacCloskey, he also carefully evaluated the chance readily available for discussing this specific mixture of super-food through out the entire world, and easily realized there is an excellent market prepared and waiting. But what he also discovered was a manifest disparity in that which was offered as a "natural" drink, and that which was truly possible.

His alternative was that of addressing professionals in the field of nutrition to validate his suspicion, and this was quickly established after ending up in a few researcher, nutritionist and different health food experts.

That then brought your the natural super-food, VANU, which really is a completely preservative free super-blend. Something which can be not just designed to be made and advertised as an excellent solution with tremendous substances and health benefits, but also as a product which offers the masses different opportunities.The Fountain of Living Product Line

The Feature of Living major item is VANU - Substance of the Amazon. This is a actually tremendous product unlike every other product I've investigated to date. This system is really natural, and filled with many other very fruits from across the world. Items which are superstars themselves, in their particular rights. Certainly one of Feature of Life's particular maintain is that unlike others publishing and applying "acai berry", their supply remains a prestigious mix, owing to the shut connection they have established with their supplier.

Their rivalry also, is that the proprietary manufacturing process that they use is innovative "since this technique guarantees that VANU contains only the best quality, naturally harvested ingredients ".

VANU is also fully filled with natural tremendous meals to produce a synergistic combination of seven tremendous fruits,
each prepared with the minimal way to enhance their vitamins, ergo allowing every someone to sense and appreciate the unique huge difference once they participate of the superb blend of super-foods.This product from the Amazon Rain forest has 10x more antioxidants than grapes, and 30x more anthocyanins than red wine. It can also be laden up with amino acids, vitamins and fiber.This item, a relative on the cocoa pine is rich in antioxidants, phyto proteins and are also high in flavonoids.

Cocao developed in the tropical rain forest, is a wonderful source of minerals like magnesium, calcium, sulphur, iron, copper, zinc, potassium and manganese, in addition to B vitamins.


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