Moving Chest Dairy: Have the Most readily useful of Equally Worlds

Preston is a home confessed Large Brother supporter and understands what is required to keep the class: be a small "jack the lad", keep your face down and ensure the interest is on you when a little bit of pretend romance is involved. Gullible Chantelle is the object of his feigned love interest. Probably he sees them while the Star version of Maxwell and Saskia, but minus the ridiculous behaviour?Maggot 9/1

Is a huge frustrating character because entering your house and has been devoid of all Welsh, chavtastic behaviour synonymous together with his band, artists Goldie Looking Chain. All he does is sit about and nod like your pet dog when somebody slags down somebody else.Michael Barrymore 14/1

Has observed his odds slump from 3/1 favorite to 14/1 adhering to a week of abhorrent, self-pitying behaviour. Barrymore appears tired, old and should be thinking whether entering the home was a clever decision. An altogether unpleasant figure, but regrettably one who however features a big enough fan base to keep him in the game.Traci Bingham 16/1

The classic Stepford partner but in this instance, she is for real. Traci is untouched constantly and is obviously pleasing and positive. WooriCasino  There is actually some sort of record with her and Dennis and this may be explored more - an even more exciting idea than the Chantelle / Preston low event.Pete Burns off 20/1

Has humor as dry whilst the Sahara even when he does seem like Lily Savage's less attractive young sister. Such as the two-bob diva he is, he has threatened to walk out of the house due to deficiencies in cigarettes. However, prima donna's like Burns off just flounce about threatening to walk without actually doing so. It is their own fault as he didn't keep a plant and keep in touch with it every 15 minutes. He overlooked a key there, the seed has been the very best source of conversation he has received all week.George Galloway 33/1

"Lovely" has been "milking" the attention for several its worth this week when acting like a pet in a bizarre task with Rula. The politician purred and licked imaginary milk from her withered hands. Is he providing politics to an audience other MPs can not achieve or is he just embarrassing herself in an effort to improve his ego?Rula Lenska 33/1

After slating Jodie for her "sexy" antics, the ageing former Mrs Dennis Waterman proceeded to give an ugly "mummy" striptease all through Traci's Friday 13th themed birthday party. She would have been better down making the bandages on.Dennis Rodman 40/1

Has been shown as a mumbling, sex upset perve because Day One but has done little to disprove it because he uses most of his time, properly, mumbling and talking about sex. Following hounding Chantelle and Jodie, he has now transferred onto Faria.


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